2013 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings


Once thought of as second class citizens and an afterthought once quarterbacks and running backs were taken care of, wide receivers have gotten more attention in fantasy football over the past three seasons, and at least one or two have started to garner first round attention.  The NFL has turned into a pass first league, [...]

2013 Fantasy Football Five Burning Questions: Dallas Cowboys


Ahhh, America’s Team! Well, I guess the Cowboys haven’t been that in a while, although I wonder if they ever were or they just felt that way. They haven’t been very successful in making runs into the playoffs, or even making the playoffs in recent years, but the Cowboys are an important team as far [...]

2013 Fantasy Football Five Burning Questions: Detroit Lions


The Lions were one of the more disappointing teams in the NFL, both in real football and in fantasy. Outside of Calvin Johnson I think you can say that every other person on the team underperformed as far as fantasy stats are concerned. They brought in Reggie Bush to try to help the rushing game, [...]

2013 Fantasy Football Five Burning Questions: New York Giants

It is time again for another NFL team and five more burning questions.  Today we have another new author here at Fighting Chance as we introduce Allen Hotaling.  Al is a huge football fan, and New York Giants fanatic. He will bring some more new blood to the site, and has been playing fantasy football [...]

Fighting Chance Fantasy July Mock Draft

I can’t think of too many better ways to spend a Monday night in the summer than with eleven of my closest friends and a fantasy football mock draft! OK, that’s not true.  I can think of at least three better ways to spend the night……and these people aren’t my best friends, hell I’ve only [...]

2013 Fantasy Football Five Burning Questions: Minnesota Vikings

You can expect to see this at least 15 times again in 2013

The Minnesota Vikings are a difficult team to figure out going into this NFL season.  Are they on the decline, the rise, or will they again be a middle of the road team?  As far as fantasy is concerned there are four major players that you need to know about for sure, and then some [...]

2013 Fantasy Football Five Burning Questions: Green Bay Packers

When should you draft the first quarterback? Not the first round, but not too far past that!

The Green Bay Packers are a fantasy player’s dream! Well, let me rephrase that…..the Green Bay Packers passing game is a fantasy player’s dream! Aaron Rodgers is the consensus best quarterback in fantasy football, they have three receivers that seem to be every week starters in just about every league, and a tight end that [...]

2013 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings


For a while running backs had lost their hold on the first ten to twelve picks in your drafts, but this year it seems like they are back with a vengeance. I’m not sure if it is the injury problems that many guys have (McFadden, Murray, Richardson) or the number of teams that will run [...]

2013 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

When should you draft the first quarterback? Not the first round, but not too far past that!

Quarterbacks are the cause of one of the most spirited debates in fantasy football.  More and more people believe that you can wait to draft them until at least the sixth or seventh round given the fact that so many players are looked at as interchangeable. However, at the same time, this is usually the [...]

Opening Day Thoughts


Oh Opening Day! How I have missed baseball and have yearned for you! However, today is probably when the most stupid decisions are made. People make knee jerk reactions over things they see on the first day and make some stupid move on their team.I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not going [...]