2013 Fantasy Football Five Burning Questions: Dallas Cowboys


Ahhh, America’s Team! Well, I guess the Cowboys haven’t been that in a while, although I wonder if they ever were or they just felt that way. They haven’t been very successful in making runs into the playoffs, or even making the playoffs in recent years, but the Cowboys are an important team as far as fantasy football is concerned. There are a number of players that will be drafted from Dallas, and I brought in Jason Siler to give you the low down on what to expect from the guys with the stars on their helmets. Sit back, crack a cold one, and find what Jason thought about my five questions of what 2013 has in store for the Cowboys.

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Why does everyone hate Tony Romo?

Well let’s not get carried away.  Not everyone hates Tony Romo.  There are a few people in Wisconsin that remember that he grew up there, and of course Cowboy fans love him.  Never mind, even most Cowboy fans hate him.  Ever since that botched snap on the field goal attempt in the 2006 playoff game against the Seahawks, it seems he has been cursed to fail in big games.  That being said, who gives a crap.  As far as a fantasy football goes, he will get you well over 4,000 yards and around 30 touchdowns.  So let other people hate him while you draft him and enjoy watching him throw tons of  touchdowns to Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, and Miles Austin.

Will Dez Bryant be a top five fantasy receiver?

I’m not going to dignify myself with an answer to this question.  Wait, what?  Yes, as long as he doesn’t try to kick his mom’s ass again, he will be great.  I mean he had 92 receptions, 1400 yards, 12 touchdowns and averaged 15 yards a catch last year.  He is a stud.  Period!

Can you trust Demarco Murray to stay healthy?

Why not?  My thoughts on Demarco Murray are as follows.  He is fast (4.41 40yd dash) and has great hands.  He is an elusive runner that can take it to the house any time he touches the ball.  We all know that he has all the potential in the world.  Problem is that he is as fragile as Ryan Hallam is overweight (Hallam’s note: C’mon, I’m not THAT fat!!! I just have a little belly. OK, not a little belly).  I say if you can get him at the right price or in the right round, why not take him? Maybe the dummies in your league forget about him because of his injuries.   I mean, what are the odds he gets hurt a third season in a row?  He is not a top five running back, but if healthy he has the ability to be one.  Plus the two running backs behind him don’t look all that impressive.

Will Joseph Randle take some carries away from him?

Two words, Lance Dunbar.  Joseph Randle hasn’t overwhelmed anyone in camp.  As of now Dunbar is looking like the teams number two back.  Yes Murray tends to get hurt, but you can find better handcuffs than these two knuckleheads.  At best, as of now, I wouldn’t bother wasting a roster spot on either guy unless you are in a 14 team league.

Is Jason Witten the best tight end to own?

Jason Witten is the best tight end to own if Gronk breaks his arm for a fifth time, or if Jimmy Graham pulls an Aaron Hernandez. (Hallam’s note: what the hell does that mean??? Hahaha)  He only caught three touchdowns last year and never has been a big TD guy, but you gotta love the 110 catches if you are in a PPR league.  Plus any time that head case of a quarterback of his gets in trouble he always looks for his favorite big, sure handed, just fast enough, tight end Mr. Witten.  If you have this safety blanket on your team you can plug him in every week and forget about it.  You can now go back to worrying about which team’s #3 wide receiver will be your WR2.

One thought on “2013 Fantasy Football Five Burning Questions: Dallas Cowboys

  1. Steve Rapin

    I liked Demarco Murray until I looked into him a little deeper…now he just scares me. In two years, he has played in 23 games and only rushed for over 100 yards, 4 times. In those 23 games, he has only hit pay dirt 6 times as well. Add that to the fact that he always seems to be on the injury report and the Cowboys seem to play in the late games frequently, which makes lineup decisions that much more difficult, and I think I’m taking a pass on him this year.


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