90's Movie Madness

It is time again for March Madness! And no I don't mean the NCAA Tournament, every year we at Fighting Chance take a topic and create a single elimination tournament! There is no obligation to sign in to the site, sign up for anything, you just simply go to the poll, place your vote, and you are done! This year I had a hard time coming up with a topic, but in the end I am very satisfied with the result. We will be voting to find out which is the best movie of the 90s! The four brackets will be Comedy, Action, Drama, and Thriller!

The field was so deep that it was impossible for me to only come up with 16 for each bracket to vote on. So, for the first time in the play-in game section there will be FOUR movies for you to choose from. The winner of those initial votes will make it to the final field of 64. Each day starting at around 8pm eastern there will be new polls for you to vote on. I have no bias in this, and I get one vote just like you. In the end, YOUR VOTES will decide which movie moves on to the next round and which one goes home crying in its popcorn. We will continue this until we crown THE best movie of the 1990s! 

You should be able to see the result of the poll (by percentage) so far once you vote. If your movie isn't winning like you hope, feel free to post about this on Facebook and Twitter and try to get your friends/followers to vote the way you want! Once 8pm the next day hits the polls will be closed and no bribery (just kidding) will work. I am looking forward to this in a huge way and hope to get great participation this year. 

Three weeks and over 3,200 votes later and the 90s Movie Tournament is over! By a SINGLE VOTE the winner is GoodFellas! 


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