Fantasy Box Office

Welcome To Fantasy Box Office! Everyone year America loves summer blockbusters! Since we are fantasy degenerates here, we figured why not turn summer movies into a fantasy game! The rules are pretty simple. Each group consisted of five players. We conducted four round snake drafts to pick "rosters" of movies. Whoever picks the summer movies that have the highest cumulative OPENING WEEKEND box office gross wins! For movies that open in the box office mid-week, you do not get the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ticket sales, this is only Friday-Sunday. Box office totals will be provided by 

There will be winners of each group, named after summer movie characters or actors/actresses, but the person who has the highest group overall out of ALL of the competitors, will win a $25 gift card. 

After a week with no update, this game is just about over. Dora didn't find her way to box office gold, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark didn't do badly, and Angry Birds 2 wasn't any thrill either. The top ten is set, with really just Angel Has Fallen left to premiere, congrats to our winners!

Here are the groups and the draft picks, all listed in order they were selected based on snake drafts, so the draft order goes from left to right. Good luck to all!

topten v4

spiderman v12 

buzzlightyear v11

eltonjohn v12

godzilla v11

hemsworth v11

kevinhart v11

samjackson v13

sophieturner v11

therock v11

willsmith v11

Fighting Chance Fantasy Madness