Fantasy Box Office

I am a fan of movies. Since I was young, I always loved the feeling of entering another world and being entertained for a couple of hours. If it is good, I get really invested in the characters. And I'm not gonna lie, I cry at movies. I cry at a rate that my wife makes fun of me regularly. And it isn't just tear jerkers. I cry more at the emotion of happiness than sadness. OK, I'm going to be really open here to prove a point. Two movies I have cried at. First is Con Air. Yes, the movie where the criminals hijack an airplane. I mean who wouldn't cry there? But when Nicolas Cage gets his daughter back at the end and she hugs him you can turn on the waterworks! The second is The Lorax. Yup, the Dr. Seuss movie. When they all start singing "Let it Grow" and the whole town comes together to finally solve their problems, everything is happy and a tear or two will run down my cheek. If you want to make fun of me for this, you can find me on Twitter @fightingchance.

Now that I got that embarrassing story out of the way, here's why I'm telling you this. As I got older I started to pay attention to how much movies were making. It was fun to track which movie made how much on Opening Weekend and where it ranked with others. Not long ago, I heard of this fantasy game where you pick movies that come out between Memorial Day and Labor Day (the best time for Summer blockbusters) and see whose movies make the most coin. I tried it once and had a great time with it. So this year, I put it out to Facebook friends and Twitter followers to see who would like to play this game with me. I had enough interest to form two groups of six people.

The rules are simple. Movies are drafted in a snake-like format, much like fantasy baseball and football drafts. The only other real rule is that the box office numbers are from Friday-Sunday only. If a movie opens on Wednesday or Thursday (like Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean), you do not get credit for those extra days. Each person has a "team" of four movies. Whoever has the highest combined total for Opening Weekend only wins the game. This isn't about how good the movie is, just if it makes money!

The competition is OVER! In Group 1 it was Steve who had the best total of both groups with over a quarter of a billion dollars. Andrea came in second, and even with one of her movies pushed back, it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway. A strong showing by Andrea nonetheless.

In Group 2 our winner is Steve with over $188 million dollars! He took Wonder Woman to first place and then never looked back. In second was Shane who was about $40 million behind. This was a very competitive group, and came down to the last month.

Thanks to all who participated and if anyone wants to do it again, let me know.

Here is Group 1 with updated results:


Here is Group 2 with updated results