Fighting Chance Fantasy Box Office

With the success of our TV Show and Comedy Movie Drafts we thought we would keep the fun going with another contest. And this time it was open to everyone. We bring you Fantasy Box Office! We all love summer movies, because that's when all of the BLOCKBUSTERS come out! Like I said before this one was open to everyone and we broke our friends and Twitter followers into groups of five. Taking turns in snake draft format, we selected four movies each that we thought would make the most money on Opening Weekend only. 

There aren't many rules here. You have to have chosen movies that are released between Memorial Day Weekend (May 25th weekend) and Labor Day Weekend (August 31st weekend). The only other real rule involves movies that start on Wednesday instead of the usual Friday.  You DO NOT receive the box office from the weekend days, you only get the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The person whose four movies ended up having the highest cumulative Opening Weekend total wins. 

We had nine groups total. Each group consisted of five people. Each individual group is just for fun and for bragging rights, but the one person who has the highest total of all nine groups is going to win a prize. I (Ryan) am not eligible for this prize because I participated in multiple groups and that wouldn't be fair. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the results of the drafts. They are listed in order that they drafted in so you can compare how each draft was different. Remember again that Round 1 went from the top person to the bottom, and Round 2 went from bottom to top, etc.

The Fourth of July weekend wasn't exactly a lucrative one for the First Purge as it was a colossal disappointment for a lot of folks in this game. It was taken in the second round in many drafts, and it didn't even clear $18 million. And while $75 million is a solid total for Ant Man and the Wasp, I thought that had a shot at $100 million. However, for those that got it in the second round, they are celebrating tonight. This week we will be welcoming Hotel Transylvania 3, Skyscraper, and on a small scale Eighth Grade. 

Top Five Overall


Group Standings