Fantasy Survivor

Welcome back to Fantasy Survivor! The 39th season is called Island of the Idols and features Boston Rob and Sandra Twine-Diaz as Survivor Boot Camp mentors to help this new group of contestants get to Day 39. As always we have drafted our Survivor teams, and the following point system will decide who outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the rest. 

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Now here are our division and the points through the second episode. Karishma was sure she was going home the whole episode, especially once she cut herself and no one seemed to care! I contemplated not taking the point away from her for crying since it was a valid reason, but in the end the point system isn't subjective, and she took a -1 for tears. But in the end, after his impossible mission it was Vince, Mr. Sassy, who got the most votes and was sent packing with an idol in his pocket. That is a HUGE Survivor no-no, and extra negative points. 

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