Fantasy Survivor

Welcome back to Fantasy Survivor! The 39th season is called Island of the Idols and features Boston Rob and Sandra Twine-Diaz as Survivor Boot Camp mentors to help this new group of contestants get to Day 39. As always we have drafted our Survivor teams, and the following point system will decide who outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the rest. 

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It is all over! After a fire making challenge with two people who never tried to make fire despite being on Survivor and a ho hum final tribal council it was Tommy who took home the million dollars. Yawn. Not sure I ever saw three goats at the end before but if I had a vote it would have gone to Dean. Happy to see Elaine, Janet, and Jamal get the Sia money though.

Congratulations to our division winners! Morgan Hallam, Chris Ford, Kevin Scott, Danielle Salinger, Mitch Bernstein, Pat Miller, Tanner, John Bosch, and our overall winner BECCA DEVENS!

Hope to see you all back for Season 40, Winners at War! 

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Fighting Chance Fantasy Madness