Dynasty Diaries Part 1

Here I am, exploring new territory that I never thought I would.  I decided to join a dynasty league. This will be the first part of a series on what it is like to be brand new to dynasty.  John Bosch gave me the idea, and I feel like rolling with it. So without further ado, I give you Dynasty Diaries.

Dear Dynasty Diary,

I’ve always said that I didn’t want to join a dynasty league.  My major concerns were that I would have no clue what I’m doing, I wouldn’t have the time, and I would be playing with people who were way more experienced than I was.  My friend @dynastybutcher has constantly been putting it out there that he wants me to join a dynasty league. He even did one of those “how many retweets will it take to get Kacey Kasem to join dynasty” tweets.  My answer was something like one million.

Whenever I have been drinking on some pinot grigio, I get these “brilliant” ideas that I feel like tweeting out to the world (or at least my followers). Pinot made me do it should be my slogan (or #brand).  On June 19th at 9:16 pm, my world was changed forever. I sent out a tweet about how I get a lot of flack from people because I am not in any dynasty leagues. In my tweet, I stated I would join one if I could start in an easy league and work my way up, but no one has a basic dynasty league.  Then I went on to talk about how I was in a keeper league, and baby steps are involved.

Soon after tweeting this out, my notifications started blowing up.  Most of the tweets were about how I needed to just take the plunge and join a league no matter what the settings were.  Then the tweets started coming in from people who had never played before. They were also interested in participating in a brand new league, and they wanted to get together and start a league.  Then, because the fantasy football community is so awesome, @DTC_JohnMoeser sent a response saying that an all-newb league was a great idea. Converting more redrafters/keeper players would be the perfect goal.  He even said he would commish this league until someone felt comfortable enough to take it over.

And then Dynasty Origins was born.  The response was incredible. So incredible that John had to create multiple leagues.  John Bosch even got into the mix by helping out. Knowing Bosch, he had to really restrain himself when writing the bylaws to this league.  Basic 12 team leagues were created, and I ended up getting a spot in Dynasty Origins 1.

Currently, we are in the middle of our draft.  It is a totally different experience than drafting in redraft.  Still, super cool to be involved in this. We have a chat going, and I really enjoy getting to know my other league mates.  It is a little overwhelming as I have zero clues on how to do trades. That seems to be my biggest issue. I do know that dynastytradecalculator.com is going to be my best friend during the season… and beyond.

So yes, I am extremely terrified about this journey ahead.  I am going to chronicle this season though, so I will be posting about this brand new experience.  Very honored to have all of you here to come along with me on this ride.

As I said, we are currently drafting.  Once we are done with all of that, I will post some of my thoughts on how the draft went as well as what I was thinking with each of my picks.  I’ll also get some insight from some of my league mates as the season progresses. I appreciate all of the support I have been getting from people who are a part of the dynasty community, and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon.  Keep your fingers crossed that this draft turns out the way I want it to. I am very nervous but not as nervous as I was when we first started the draft on July 4th. Drafting is quite exciting, and even better now that the Scott Fish Bowl is occurring at the same time as our dynasty draft.

Until Next Time,
The Dynasty Newbie

You can follow me @thekaceykasem on Twitter.  I’d love to talk dynasty with you.

You can also follow along with our draft at http://www81.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=22359&O=17

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