Euros 2020 Finals Contest


June 11, 2021, is a date you must put in your calendars, as that is the date when your journey can begin to win a massive £200,000 or euros. Whatever your currency is, the prize money could be yours if you can outwit your fellow competitors in this fantastic tournament.

Your management skills will be tested to the limit as you select your squad of 15 players that you believe will bring you glory. Whether you finish 1st or 10,377th, you will be paid a good amount of money.

First things first, it is imperative that you read the rules for the tournament, especially if you have never played at Fan Team before. One of the standout rules here is for you to get a wildcard after the group stages, so keep that in mind when selecting your players during the group stages. One of those so-called also-ran countries could have a few standout players in the early phases of the tournament.

In the build of the start of the tournament, I will break down each group of 4 and point out my key players who could be high points scorers. This is very important as you do not have to be a superstar player to be a high fantasy points scorer. So do not get wrapped up in trying to fill your team with all the best players as they may not be good fantasy points options all the time, but I will go into that further when I do my group previews.

The scoring system is the most important element you need to understand as in the end it is all about getting the most points to gain the best prize and if you use it to your best advantage, you will increase your chances of winning a prize. Your scoring table can go higher a bit when you choose your team players carefully. So, don’t rush while picking the players or don’t go for the famous player as few underdogs can help you as well. 

There is no guarantee in any game that a player will play the full 90 minutes unless you are a defender. Still, in this tournament scoring system, if your midfielders or attackers play the full match, you will gain an extra point for each player. Over the period of a full tournament, those extra points will add up and could be the difference in winning a prize or not, so DO NOT IGNORE THIS ADVICE. Again, pick your Players wisely—who can play for the full 90 minutes. It can gain a huge advantage at the end of the tournament. 

Defenders get 6 points if they score, Midfielders 5 points, and Attackers 4 points; again, here, do your research and look for those defenders and midfielders that can help boost your score with a goal or two.

3 POINTS are awarded for all players who get an assist.


Goalkeepers get 0.5 points per save, but this will be negated if they let in a few goals, so the advice here is to spend the money on a decent keeper as it will be worth it in the long run. Choosing a good goalkeeper should be your utmost priority. 

You can see other plus and minus scoring points that you should be aware of, so always refer to the scoring system when you are picking your team.

Stay with Your Squad Budgets

Of course, you have to stay within your squad budget so you won't get every player you desire but remember there are plenty of decent fantasy point scorers hidden within the smaller teams in the tournament. Of course, after the group stages are over, you have your wildcard. You want to be in the best position you can be after the group stages, but even if you are not, the beauty of the wildcard comes in as you can make a comeback in the latter stages of the tournament.

I hope, I have whetted your appetite for what will not only be a great footballing spectacle, but you can be a part of it being the football manager you have always dreamt of being, and of course, there is that amazing life-changing £200,000 first prize. If you want to be part of this great summer tournament, sign up here using my exclusive link, and I will see you on the inside. Good Luck 

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Guys, sign-up process is the easiest one for you. Pick the tournament you want to participate in. By creating your team, you will be able to enter the tournament. You need to put some basic stuff like your details and payment method while signing up for the tournament. The entry fee is £20 for euro finals 2020.  


Of course, entering the tournament can provide you a chance to win a big amount like £200000, however, it can also help you to get more exposure that can help you in upcoming events as well. Winning a big amount like this could be a dream for someone and that only for watching the game you love. It can be a ridiculously fun experience for you—sitting at home while eating snacks on your bed can make your day. So, don’t miss the chance and get yourself signed up for the tournament. 

Bottom Line: What you need to do now? Simple! Sign up to enter the tournament and wait for your luck to win good-priced money. One good thing is there, you can’t lose here. In fact, you can win more if are luckier than your fellow competitors. Click here to join

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