Fight Chance Fantasy's Dynasty Question of the Week: What strategy tip would you give to a new dynasty fantasy football league manager?

Now that the fantasy football season is over, it’s time for dynasty managers to come out and play. If you have never participated in a dynasty fantasy football league, it is something that you should consider if you want to take fantasy football to the next level. Dynasty leagues vary in all shapes and sizes, but the main thing is if you are a newbie to the dynasty scene, you must begin your journey with a start-up dynasty league. This means that the dynasty league is starting from scratch and the hope is that the commissioner lays down a good set of rules as a foundation, to make the league fun and engaging to entice plenty of activity between dynasty managers. 

Just like the regular season, a few Fighting Chance Fantasy staff writers will tackle different topics to provide dynasty managers with an edge against their league mates. This will be done with an emphasis on a dynasty state of mind to provide insight to get you ready to take your first steps into a larger world. So without further ado here we go!

What piece of advice would you give to a novice that is stepping into a dynasty league for the first time?

I am sort of a first-timer with dynasty. Don't be afraid to trade for players you believe in today.  Just because the player has been in the NFL for a year or two doesn't mean they aren't worth trading for.  I'm a believer in trading for Rachaad White this year, given that Tampa largely will keep the same coaching staff and the possibility of Leonard Fournette being traded away this off-season.  The Bucs gave their RBs a 90% snap share in 12% of their games in 2022 and their backs have averaged 26 Expected PPR Points Per Game from 2020-2022. - Matt @DirtyAirFC

I’ve learned a lot over the years as a dynasty player, and the one piece of advice I wish I received before my first startup is that quarterbacks will never be “cheaper” than they are in the startup. Of course, this mainly applies to Superflex leagues, which is important to keep in mind. With that said, throw a few extra darts at quarterbacks that have fallen in your draft but still possess the upside of a good starting QB. I was looking at one of my earlier dynasty startups and saw players like Ryan Tannehill (Rd. 17) and Jalen Hurts (Rd. 18) had fallen way down the draft, and those are just a couple of many examples. Ultimately, my advice is to take a couple of proven quarterbacks early and take chances on other quarterbacks later in the draft that others don’t believe in. An Elite quarterback is the ultimate Superflex asset, and you can never have too many. - Conner Shears @ConnerShears

When a start-up dynasty league gets created and you get to be there in the front line, usually what first ensues is a barrage of trades taking place. This initial trade outburst may be alarming, but it is part of the fun. Don’t be afraid to join in the shenanigans. Try to position yourself with as many picks in the first few rounds so that you can take as many shots at drafting some top-notch young talent. This will be the best time to get the players you want to be the anchors for your team. Even during the draft, make trades to get your players. One thing you will notice during the dynasty start-up drafts, quality veterans will tend to fall, so be ready to pounce when the time is right to round your team out with great players that will provide useful depth. This type of strategy should make you an instant contender. The main thing is to create a team that you are happy with and ready to root for on Sundays and enjoy the ride. - Leo Grandio @smooth1074

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