I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over?

This is NOT a test of the Emergency Broadcast System…..yet. 


Even being down 2-0 to the Bruins right now, the Hurricanes story is far from finished regardless of the outcome this season!

It’s going to be setting off plenty of alarms though around the uneducated NHL fans, the Hurricanes will be setting off goal lights and horns non-stop across arenas over the next decade.  I said this 15 years ago about Pittsburgh, Chicago and Los Angeles and now it’s Carolina, Arizona and maybe your team? Most likely not, still debating over the third killer to be, but make you aware very soon, it should the the Panthers, but talk about Buzz Killington and his team.  Maybe Vancouver or Buffalo? We shall see, but to the Hurricanes now and a look into their immediate future and what decisions need to be made.

Thank you CapFreindly.com for the statistics.


 Yes, the conference finalist Carolina Hurricanes will be in this position more often than not over the next decade, so get used to it NHL.  The lowest salary cap to end the season, I listed below of who they might want to re-sign, or make a huge free-agency splash in the Erik Karlsson market or the trio of Blue-Jackets Panarin, Bobrovsky and Duchence, and a farm system stocked with prime rib, ohh and don’t forget the 10 Draft Picks in this season’s summer draft.  The Free Agent pool is rather deep and Carolina can really make a splash with money to spare.

This team spouted it’s boobs a few years early in grade school and will soon have all the attention of the big boys, and after this spring fling they certainly do now with a swarmming bee defense and very timely goal scoring, and most importantly in the NHL Playoffs, a hot goalie. Check in all three boxes and watch the Bruins fight for the their lives against a “Bunch of Jerks” who really shouldn’t be here yet, well that’s what they want you to think, and Mr.Game Seven, Justin Williams continues to add to his should be Hall of Fame Career just based on playoff performance, Claude Lemieux minus the dirty hits and total dickheadedness!

This Spring will be a huge difference maker for this franchise and I’m really looking forward to see how the Canes handle this weather so to speak in their immediate future. They’re usually pulling in the draft picks of late, but to reap the free-agency benefits as a contender with lots of cash to spend, enjoy the show Carolina, this next decade will be very fruitful for you and the Caneiac Nation!

Time for a Boston/Carolina Eastern Conference Final for the Prince of Wales Trophy and a Western Conference Final for the Clarence Campbell trophy.  Many of you folks new to the game may not realize that the Prince of Wales was the name of the Eastern Conference and Campbell Conference was the Western until Bettman had to dumb it down for non-traditional hockey markets.  And do not even get me going on the Division names, that's what separates us hockey fans from the dumb sports, we do not need a map direction to decipher what division we play in, we name the divisions and conference after giants of the sport of hockey's rich history, just like our trophies!

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Go Hurricanes, sorry Dionne, love the Canes!



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