NFL Survivor Pool: Week 4

With the NFL season about to reach its quarter mark and the Summer transitioning into Fall, it only means that Survivor picks will start to intensify as the year continues to progress. Now that we are here in Week 4, it gives us all some reference points to consider which teams are going to be contenders or pretenders this season. All of the heavily favored teams did not disappoint and allowed Survivor players to survive the week with ease. Only Survivor players that happened to select the Steelers last week saw their season come to an end with them falling to the Bengals in Week 3. Let’s see what is in store for us this week.

Who to pick for Week 4?

Now that Week 3 is in the books, let’s set our sights on Week 4. Last week I rolled with the Broncos at home and they handily gave Jets a spanking to remember. So far this season I have chosen the Rams, Packers, and Broncos, so they are no longer options for me. Here’s the Week 4  slate to evaluate:

NFL Schedule Week 4

  • Jaguars at Bengals       Bengals -7.5
  • Titans at Jets               Titans -7.5
  • Chiefs at Eagles           Chiefs -6
  • Panthers at Cowboys    Cowboys -4.5
  • Giants at Saints           Saints -8
  • Browns at Vikings        Cleveland -2
  • Lions at Bears              Bears -4
  • Texans at Bills              Bills -17.5
  • Colts at Dolphins          Dolphins -2
  • Washington at Falcons  Washington -1.5
  • Seahawks at 49ers       49ers -3
  • Cardinals at Rams        Rams -6
  • Steelers at Packers       Packers -7
  • Ravens at Broncos        Broncos -2.5
  • Buccaneers at Patriots  Buccaneers -5.5
  • Raiders at Chargers      Chargers -3

There appear to be several options for us to chose from this week. Here are the match-ups that we will be focusing on this week: Bengals at home favored by the -7.5 over the Jaguars, the Titans on the road favored by -7.5 over the Jets, the Saints at home favored by -8 over the Giants, the Bills at home favored by -17.5 over the Texans, and the Packers at home favored by -7 over the Steelers.

The first game to tackle will be Thursday Night’s contest between the Bengals and Jaguars. The Bengals are coming in with a very respectable 2-1 record with wins over the Vikings and Steelers.  The Jaguars on the other hand are kind of continuing where they left off last year, seeming to lose every week and stand at an 0-3 record. The game will pit that last two number one draft picks over the last two NFL Drafts, with Joe Burrow going up against Trevor Lawrence. The Bengals favored by -7.5 at home, making the Bengals a team to consider. Although I believe this game will be a shoot-out and closer than what Vegas predicts, the Bengals are a solid option this week.  


After losing their first game of the season the Titans are heading into Week 4 with two consecutive victories, one on the road over the Seahawks, and the other over division rival Colts at home. This game could be a laugher for the Titans by halftime, with the team traveling to New York to face the Jets. The Jets have scored only 20 points through the first three games of the season giving them an average of 6.7 points per game. My friends, this will not get you wins in the NFL. Even though the Titans may be without stud wide receivers A.J. Brown and Julio Jones due to strained hamstrings. Monitor the status because if they both miss the game the Titans might get surprised in this one.


Which Saints team will show up in New Orleans this week? The one that spanked the Packers and Patriots by a combined score of 66-16 or the one that got bounced by the Panthers in Week 2, 26-7.  The Giants are still searching for their first win of the season and should be still be looking for one after Week 4. The Giants have lost a couple of wide receivers this past week due to hamstring injuries and may have a tough time getting things going this week against a tough Saints defense. The Saints are another fine option this week for Survivors players.


The lock of the week has to be the Bills over the Texans. The Bills defense is going to light up rookie David Mills like a Christmas tree. The pressure the quarterback will be feeling from the Bills front seven will be too tough to handled and the Bills should win with ease in Week 4. This is as safe as they come for Survivor picks.


The last match-up to go over is a battle between two storied franchises. The Packers and the Steelers. Both teams have two of the most loyal fan bases and followers around. After their Week 1 debacle in New Orleans, Aaron Rodgers has righted the ship and has led the Packers to two straight wins. The Steelers have done the opposite. They had an impressive win over the Bills in Buffalo in Week 1, but since they have fallen to the Raiders and Bengals over their last two contests. With the Packers favored by seven, they should win at home, but the Steelers have shown that they can win in a tough environment on the road. With other easier games on the schedule this week, you should save the Packers for another day.

After letting these options marinate for a while, I will be going with the Bengals for Week 4.

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