NFL Survivor Pool: Week 7

Can you believe we are in Week 7 already? Like they say time flies when you’re having fun. It seems like we’re not the only ones playing Survivor. Every week that goes by several NFL teams are trying to survive because of star players going down with injures. In Week 6 all of the heavily favored teams won, so unless you picked a team in a closer match-up you should have gotten through the week unscathed. Now let’s set our sights on Week 7.

Who to pick for Week 7

After the last two weeks of barely hanging on, it felt good to get through a week without having to have my blood pressure boil and my fingernails intact. These teams are no longer options for me moving forward; Rams, Packers, Broncos, Bengals, Ravens, and Colts. Here’s the schedule for Week 7 to look over.

NFL Week 7

Denver at Cleveland               Cleveland -2

Carolina at N.Y. Giants            Carolina -3

N.Y. Jets at New England         New England -7

Kansas City at Tennessee        Kansas City -5.5

Washington at Green Bay        Green Bay -8.5

Atlanta at Miami                     Atlanta -2.5

Cincinnati at Baltimore            Baltimore -6.5

Detriot at L.A. Rams                Los Angeles -15

Philadelphia at Las Vegas         Las Vegas -3

Houston at Arizona                  Arizona -17.5

Chicago at Tampa Bay              Tampa Bay -12.5

Indianapolis at San Francisco    San Francisco -4

New Orleans at Seattle             New Orleans -5


Teams on a Bye: Buffalo, Dallas, Jacksonville, L.A. Chargers, Minnesota, Pittsburgh

There are fives games that have teams favored by at least seven points. The Patriots at home favored by -7 over the Jets.  The Packers at home favored by -8.5 over the Washington Football Team.  The Rams at home favored by -15 over the Lions.  The Cardinals at home favored by -17.5 over the Texans.  Finally, the Buccaneers are favored by -12.5 over the Bears.

Jets at Patriots

This game is not only between two AFC rivals but it is the first showdown between these two first-round rookie quarterbacks Zach Wilson and Mac Jones. The Jets are 1-4 for the season and are coming off their bye, so they have had a couple of weeks to prepare for this one. The Patriots just lost a heartbreaker in overtime to Dallas and stand at 2-4 for the year. One of the Patriots’ wins this season did come against these Jets in Week 2. This one may be a closer battle than the previous outcome, due to the Jets being a little healthier this time around. You could be tempted to use the Patriots this week because the rest of their schedule only gets tougher so this is the time to use them if you still have them available.

Football Team at Packers

Coming into the season the Washington Football Team’s defense was supposed to be the pillar for the team, but unfortunately for them, they have been the total opposite. Other than the first game of the season, they have played pretty poorly against good teams.  I see another beating coming their way on the road.  If you still have the Packers available this is week, they are solid options for Week 7. 

Lions at Rams

Speaking of bad teams, the Lions are still searching for their first win of the year. After this week they will still be searching for a ‘W’. The Rams are a total 180 degrees from the Lions sporting a pristine 5-1 record this season. Both quarterbacks will be seeking revenge against their former teams as Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff were traded for each other along with multiple draft picks. Look for Stafford and the Rams to come out on top and the Rams are an excellent option if you still have them available. 

Texans at Cardinals

The lock of the week has to be the Cardinals. The Texans are the second lowest-scoring team in the league, only behind the Jets who have already had their bye. Don’t expect things to change this week. The Texans do not have the firepower to hang with the high-octane offense of the Cardinals. If you want to have an easy pick this week the Cardinals are the obvious choice but you may want to save them for later in the season with games against the Bears and Lions in December. 

Bears at Buccaneers

The next sacrificial lamb of the week per the oddsmakers are the Bears traveling to Tampa Bay to face-off against the Buccaneers. The Bears have actually shown some fight this year with their .500 record. They have a couple of nice wins over the Bengals and Raiders so they are no slouch. The Buccaneers have been rolling over mostly everyone this year with the only bump on in the road being their loss to the Rams in Los Angeles. With the Buccaneers being the third double-digit favorite team of the week, they are another obvious option for Survivor this week. Keep in mind though that the Buccaneers do have remaining games against the Giants, Washington Football Team, Falcons, and Jets, so if you are thinking long-term you may want to save them for another week.


With the Rams and Packers not being an option for me, and the Buccaneers and Cardinals having other weeks against inferior opponents I will be riding with the Patriots and that Coach Bill Belichick led defense versus a rookie quarterback every day of the week. 

If you would like to further discuss this or have any fantasy football questions you can reach out to me on Twitter at @smooth1074.

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