Streaming Tight Ends & Quarterbacks Week 6

If I have to start one more streaming article with the words “another tight end is on injured reserve”, we might have to start calling it a screaming article instead of a streaming article. Doesn’t it just make you want to pull out your hair trying to figure out which tight end is going to have a decent game?

Quarterbacks are relatively easy to hit on when it comes to streaming because of the insane stats they have been putting up this year. Of course, you always get those one or two players who are supposed to hit but put up less than stellar numbers.

I know plenty of waivers run overnight and into the early mornings, so wanted to get these out before waivers run. Remember, the Detroit Lions and the New Orleans Saints are on byes this week, so you may need to pick someone up to fill in.

The defensive streamers will be out later this week, so keep your eyes open for that.

Tight Ends

Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
ESPN Ownership: 17%
Yahoo Ownership: 32%

Why exactly haven’t you scooped up Brate yet? There is currently no O.J. Howard in his way to steal targets due to an injury of his MCL (surprise, surprise, a hurt tight end). On the season, Jameis Winston has only thrown one touchdown pass. Want to take a guess as to who was the recipient of that TD? Look no further than Brate.

Brate and Winston have had chemistry in the past, and with Winston being named the starter, you can look for Brate to have an explosive game in week six versus Atlanta. It is not too hard to challenge the Falcons’ defense, and now Brate should have more routes due to the absence of Howard.

In 2016, Brate managed to have 81 targets tossed his way. Following the 2016 season, he saw 77 targets in 2017. Look for the Brate and Winston connection to be a strong one.

C.J. Uzomah, Cincinnati Bengals
ESPN Ownership: 10%
Yahoo Ownership: 26%

Pretty sure a lot of people ran to the waiver wire last week and picked up Tyler Kroft. I’m going to admit that I thought he’d have the first crack at getting that tight end one job, but Uzomah is the man who stepped up. My fiancee is a little upset with me because I suggested she get Kroft as an owner of both Tyler Eifert and Evan Engram. Guess I might be in the doghouse this week.

Uzomah made it known that he is the guy worth owning at tight end for the Bengals. Eifert is out for the rest of the season, and Kroft could miss some time with an injury he suffered to his foot. Uzomah only had two balls thrown his way in the last game, but he managed to wrangle those in for 43 yards. He possesses a strong 90 percent catch rate which is the fourth highest in the NFL. He has not had many passes directed at him, so this may be a skewed stat. I do believe he’ll continue to haul in passes, so you won’t have to worry there.

He is a towering 6’5” presence, so he is giving his quarterback Andy Dalton a nice athletic target. He’s quick and looks nice out there on the field, so definitely keep your eye on him. You may even be able to hold onto him for multiple games, so this would be a smart waiver grab.

Austin Hooper, Atlanta Falcons
ESPN Ownership: 49%
Yahoo Ownership: 57%

Honestly, I should have added Hooper to the article last week, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet. If you ended up grabbing him last week, congratulations to you. He had 77 yards versus the Steelers with nine receptions on 12 targets. It was a favorable matchup against the Steelers, so Hooper was able to show off his athleticism.

This week Hooper finds himself in another great matchup. He’s playing the Buccaneers who are tied for giving up the most fantasy points to the tight end position. The Bucs have also managed to allow a score to tight ends in the last two games they have played.

His contest at home should be decent. Both Matt Ryan and Hooper are getting on the same page, so hopefully, this means more yardage and touchdowns in Hooper’s future. Over two weeks, Hooper has had an impressive 28 routes followed by 37 routes. Not saying those numbers will go up significantly in this next game, but he’s still worth putting into your lineup if your options are limited.

Geoff Swaim, Dallas Cowboys
ESPN Ownership: 7%
Yahoo Ownership: 9%

Is this the best streaming option this week? Not by a mile. You could do worse at the tight end position though. Yes, that is what the world has come to. Starting a “safe” tight end that will get you points, but may not get you the points you desire. Better than some of those tight ends who have been putting up goose eggs though.

In week five, Swaim only had three targets but happened to secure them all for 55 yards. When he played Detroit the previous week, he had three receptions that went for 29 yards, but he managed to get his first touchdown of the season. Versus Seattle in the third week of the season, Swaim hauled in five of the seven balls thrown his way for 47 yards.

The yardage and touchdowns are not promising so far, but he does seem to be Dak Prescott’s favorite weapon. If Prescott could just throw better passes his way, Swaim could find himself with double-digit fantasy points. Right now, Swaim tallies 11 catches for 141 yards, so we can cross our fingers he gets going. I was at that game on Sunday versus Houston, and Swaim looked exceptional in person. Very impressed by what he could do.

The Cowboys get Jacksonville this week, and they are good against the tight end. Prescott doesn’t have a wide receiver one, and Jason Witten was always heavily involved in the Cowboys’ gameplan before retiring. If they can get Swaim involved, good things could happen. Yes, there are 400 tight ends on the Cowboys’ roster (this may or may not be an exaggeration), but Swaim seems to be the one making a name for himself. If you decided not to stream him but have a deep bench, he might be worth a stash until you can evaluate him further.

Niles Paul, Jacksonville Jaguars
ESPN Ownership: 0%
Yahoo Ownership: 0%

At zero percent ownership in the major platforms, Paul should be easy to obtain. He had a nine target game on Sunday, grabbing seven of those for a total of 65 yards.

One tight end we have been hoping would break out for the longest time is Austin Seferian-Jenkins, but that dream is dead now that he was placed on injured reserve. This definitely opens up more opportunities for Paul.

With the ASJ injury, this moves Paul into a larger role than he is used to. James O’Shaughnessy is also there, but I find Paul to be the more appealing tight end of the two. The game versus Dallas on Sunday might not be the most ideal matchup, but look for Blake Bortles to still manage to get him the ball. We all know Bortles is the kind of quarterback with garbage time stats written all over him, so if they find themselves in this situation yet again, look for Paul to benefit.

Tight end notes - Check your waiver wire to see if David Njoku magically shows up there (he’s owned in 70% of ESPN leagues and 73% of Yahoo leagues, but you might be able to grab this starter). Greg Olsen and Evan Engram are supposedly making their way back into lineups soon (feel free to pick these guys up if someone dropped them).


Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals
ESPN Ownership: 57%
Yahoo Ownership: 66%

Andy Dalton’s ownership numbers are getting bigger and bigger every week, but if he’s available in your league, he is worth a look. Last week, he had a “Bad Andy” game, but he should be able to redeem himself in week six. Dalton takes on a Steelers’ defense that gives up the second most fantasy points to quarterbacks they face per week.

Some people may have dropped Dalton (or are planning on it) due to his poor outing last game. He only happened to complete 20 of 30 passes for a total of 248 yards. He had one touchdown, but he also threw one pick. That touchdown went to running back Joe Mixon for 18 yards. The Bengals did end up beating Miami, but Dalton’s numbers are not what we have expected. He only ended up with 12.9 fantasy points in PPR settings.

The bright side is this is the only game this season he didn’t toss for multiple scores. So far this season he has 12 touchdown passes, so he looks to improve on this when going up against the Steelers this week. Very manageable, so Dalton should show up as “Good Andy” this week.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
ESPN Ownership: 13%
Yahoo Ownership: 21%

You better run to your waivers and try and get this guy. His ownership is low right now due to being suspended and then having a bye week as well. He was named the starter (sorry Fitzmagic, the time has come for you to take a seat).

This week, the Buccaneers take on the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have given up a generous 163 points this season. But the Bucs defense is not a good defense, coming in as one of the top-five worst defenses in the league. That should give Winston the ball a generous amount, and he should be able to make plays due to this.

The Bucs have a bad running game at the moment, but they have plenty of talented wideouts on the roster. Look for Winston to throw the ball a lot. After this week, Winston’s schedule continues to look favorable. He has already had his bye week, so you won’t have to worry about that if you choose to hang onto him and play him against Cleveland and Cincinnati in the upcoming weeks.

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars
ESPN Ownership: 40%
Yahoo Ownership: 44%

Just like Dalton, Bortles is a constant figure on this list. Bortles is that type of quarterback that we have been touting as looking bad on paper but being relatively good for fantasy football (remember Jay Cutler just a few years ago?).

Bortles went and put up 21 points in fantasy last week at Kansas City, throwing for an incredible 430 yards. He also threw a touchdown pass. When it came to the bad stuff, Bortles had four picks and a fumble, but still, put up the fantasy points we know and love. More help came in the form of rushing, as he had four attempts for 34 yards and a score.

Bortles is a garbage time master. He manages to spread the ball out to his many targets, and he can get you the points you need by airing it out and using his legs. This week, Bortles takes on the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas’ defense hasn’t given up any more than 24 points to quarterbacks this year, but that could change in a game where Bortles slings the ball. The Dallas defense has to pick up the offense’s slack, so they could get worn out. Bortles could find himself in a favorable situation if the defense starts showing signs of fatigue.

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns
ESPN Ownership: 38%
Yahoo Ownership: 37%

Mayfield hasn’t put up impressive fantasy numbers since he started as the Browns’ quarterback, but he’s improving with every game. 18 points in his last game against the Ravens wasn’t too shabby. Being able to throw for 342 yards in that game didn’t hurt. Right now, the rookie just needs to shake it off as rookies are prone to making mistakes (he averages 1.5 interceptions a game).

The Browns’ quarterback also manages to average 318.5 passing yards each contest, so he’s got the yardage down. He looks to get better this week when taking on the Chargers. Derek Carr was able to throw for a touchdown in the meeting between the Chargers and the Raiders. Carr went under 300 yards, but Mayfield should be able to top that.

Mayfield has a pretty schedule coming up including games against the Buccaneers and Steelers, both defenses that make quarterbacks look better than they are. You could grab Mayfield now and end up using him in future contests as well. He could have been dropped after a less than stellar performance prior to week five, so go see if you can get him now.

Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears
ESPN Ownership: 27%
Yahoo Ownership: 24%

His performance before the Bears’ bye week is probably a fluke. Trubisky threw for six touchdowns in that game against the Buccaneers. The Bucs don’t look appealing which helped lead to Trubisky looking crazy good in week four.

This week, Trubisky and company take on Miami. Miami is a team that started off looking legit, but they are starting to go downhill now. Trubisky has a chance to have a decent game against the Dolphins in this next contest. Having Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, and Trey Burton at his disposal can only help his numbers.

Miami has allowed a large 32.5 points to opposing teams on average over the last two games. You can pick up Trubisky and cross your fingers that he will go off this week. If you’re in a deep league, he may be one of your only choices. Proceed with caution but realize he has a chance to break out again.

Quarterback notes - People might drop Matthew Stafford this week because he is on bye. If you have room to stash him, you might want to do that.

The tight end position is so fickle this year, and it is hard to figure out whom to start each week. The stable guys are not going to be available to you on waivers, so you are going to have to try and figure out which tight end you think is going to give you the best chance of getting points this week. It really is a dart throw, but you can hit big if you make the right choice.

As for quarterbacks, there are so many good ones available on the waiver wire. Streaming is definitely the way to go this season due to the fact that so many pigskin tossers put up points each week.

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My defense streaming article will be out in the next few days, as will the first installment of the Fantasy Football Female Roundtable.


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