Streaming Tight Ends, Quarterbacks, and Defenses Week 15

If you’re having to stream this late in the season, I feel for you (I really do). Also, if you’re having to stream this late in the season, you give me something to do, so I appreciate it. Here I am to give you the streaming options for week 15 of the NFL season. There are not a lot of streaming options available out there due to what week we’re in, but if you’re really in a bind, I do have some players for your consideration.

Tight Ends

Ian Thomas, Carolina Panthers
ESPN Ownership: 26%
Yahoo Ownership: 10%

Thomas is your best bet at tight end this week. He has seen his fair share of streaming suggestions, but this week looks to be one of his biggest streaming weeks. Cam Newton has not looked good this season, dealing with a shoulder injury that limits his throwing. Newton is already an inaccurate thrower, so being able to check down to Thomas is a plus. These short passes will work well against a Saints defense that is not the best at defending the pass. We all wanted Thomas to be a thing once Greg Olsen was injured the first time. Now that Olsen is out a second time for the remainder of the season, Thomas seems to be stepping up. He was in for 82% of the snaps last week and ran more routes than most tight ends in the league. Thomas also managed an impressive nine receptions off of 11 targets for a total of 77 yards. Look for him to continue this trend when he takes on New Orleans this week.

C.J. Uzomah, Cincinnati Bengals
ESPN Ownership: 31%
Yahoo Ownership: 29%

Yes, I am desperately wanting Uzomah to be a thing. I’ve suggested him enough, and he seems to have a decent matchup this week when he plays the Raiders. The Raiders are allowing a high of nine touchdowns to the tight end position so far this season, and this should be a nice competition for Uzomah. Uzomah is the type of guy that has a steady floor, but you’re always expecting more from him. This late in the season, it is definitely hard to stream at the tight end position. If you’re absolutely in a predicament, you could do worse than Uzomah. Just hope that he ends up with a touchdown because that is something he has been lacking this season (with just two). He’s only reached double digits once this season (against Pittsburgh), but anything can happen when he takes on Oakland.

Vernon Davis, Washington Redskins
ESPN Ownership: 5%
Yahoo Ownership: 5%

Here’s my Hail Mary at the tight end position. The veteran tight end Davis benefits from the Jordan Reed toe injury this week. That injury will keep Reed out of the mix for the rest of the season, and Davis should see more targets coming his way due to this. Yes, Davis’ quarterback situation is concerning, but he is a good security blanket. Davis caught four passes last contest for 31 yards, so if he can improve on this, he will be a fantasy asset. I was touting Davis hardcore at the beginning of the season because I felt it was only a matter of time before Reed had to sit out. Josh Johnson is the man at the helm, and he was sitting on a couch just a week ago. It’s hard to trust Davis as a play this week, but if you’re looking for a desperation play, he could be the tight end you need.


Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills
ESPN Ownership: 17%
Yahoo Ownership:15%

I am going to be transparent with you. In week 14, I started Josh Allen over Kirk Cousins and it worked out in my favor. Guess what? I’m going to continue that in week 15. If you’re in a bind and need someone to replace an injured quarterback or a less than stellar guy, Allen is the quarterback you need to roster. He has a nice floor due to his running ability. Dude is a beast when it comes to running the ball. Last week was his second week in a row running for over 100 yards. Prior to those weeks, he went for 99 yards. Sure, he’s not completing many of his passes. That is something you want in a starter, but when they have feet like this, that is something you can overlook. He’s currently leading all quarterbacks when it comes to rushing --- and he has only played in nine games on the season. This week, he gets to take on the Lions and their bad secondary. Look for him to have another awesome game on the ground.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
ESPN Ownership: 54%
Yahoo Ownership: 57%

Another impressive fantasy quarterback over the last few weeks has been Cowboy Dak Prescott. Prescott has an accuracy issue (or Dakuracy issue as they say around these parts). Still, he has his buddy Ezekiel Elliott there catching more passes than a lot of the Dallas wideouts. Amari Cooper has been an amazing addition to the Dallas offense, and he has bailed out Prescott more than once. Prescott does have a fumbling issue, but if he can secure the ball this week, he should have a good game. He’s been a streaming option numerous times this season, and most of the time it has worked out pretty decently. If he can get the ball moving to Elliott, Cooper, and Michael Gallup (whom he needs to connect with when wide open), he will be a great streaming option this week. This week, the Cowboys take on the Colts in Indianapolis, and they’ve been looking okay at defense as of late. The Colts haven’t seen a quarterback like Prescott lately, one who has many weapons and can also use his feet. Look for Prescott to challenge the Colts this week.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders
ESPN Ownership:19%
Yahoo Ownership: 19%

My how times change. Just a few years ago, Carr was a top fantasy quarterback. This season, he hasn’t been the best. He does seem to be coming into his own as of late. Last week he ended up tossing for 322 yards to go along with two touchdowns. He isn’t the best fantasy quarterback, but he has looked decent in the last few contests. The match-up with Cincinnati looks to be a good one for Carr. They are horrid at defending the pass which should be advantageous for Carr and company. If you’re in a bind and really need a guy, you could do a lot worse than Carr. Stream him and cross your fingers for a good Derek Carr day.


Atlanta Falcons vs Arizona Cardinals
ESPN Ownership: 19%
Yahoo Ownership: 17%

I mean, how many times have you been told to stream the Falcons defense this season? None. But this week is the best match-up for them in quite some time, so definitely worth a look if you are in a need for a defensive streamer. This week, the Falcons get to take on the Arizona Cardinals who have not been good this year. The Cardinals have only scored 20+ points in three games this season, and Josh Rosen at the helm means good things could happen for the Falcons defense. Rosen as quarterback has lead to an average of three sacks per game as well as just over one interception a game. This quarterback tries to run for his life and fails, putting another check mark next to the reasons you should start the Falcons if in a bind. Rosen always gets hurried and constantly gets taken to the ground, so the Falcons look to be in a good position. Look for the Cardinals to commit a lot of mistakes that should be positive for Atlanta.

Washington Redskins at Jacksonville Jaguars
ESPN Ownership: 59%
Yahoo Ownership: 32%

Washington’s defense hasn’t put up decent fantasy points in quite some time, so more than likely they’ll be available on your waiver wire. This week, the Redskins take on Cody Kessler. I know, that means they’re set up for success. Look for Washington to get their pass rush going. If they can do that, they should be able to put up the fantasy points. Definitely worth a fantasy stream if you’re in a pickle this week (don’t tell Scott Fish I used the word pickle… he might gag). Washington is known for getting pressure on the quarterback, and they should have an easy time getting to Kessler in this contest. In the last four games, Jacksonville has allowed for 16 total sacks, so feel confident throwing out the Redskins into your lineup.

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos
ESPN Ownership: 10%
Yahoo Ownership: 10%

Last week I told you to stream the Denver Broncos defense, and it didn’t work out perfectly but should work out better this week. I would now suggest you roll out the Cleveland Browns defense. Chicago is the only team that the Browns have less takeaways than, and they should be able to get a few more this week. The Broncos have Case Keenum at the helm which looks to be mouthwatering for the Browns defense. He’s just a mediocre quarterback, and although he hasn’t been turning the ball over as of late, he has been known to do so. The Broncos have been relying on their run game, and the fact that Keenum isn’t the best passer has been part of the reason. The Broncos don’t tend to score a ton of points on opposing defenses, so the Browns should be able to use this to their advantage.

If you’re looking at streaming options, you must be in a deep league or just very desperate. I understand it happens to all of us at one point or another. These are probably your best options this week when it comes to streaming. If you have to stream, I wish you good luck.

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