Week 15 Roundtable

Welcome to the Fighting Chance Roundtable! Each week we will be asking our panel of Fighting Chance Staff a series of questions for the upcoming slate of NFL games. Each person will give you the best answer to the question in order to help set your lineups this week, both season long and DFS. This week we have myself (@fightingchance), Steve Rapin (@fantasygeek37), Kacey Kasem (@thekaceykasem), Patrick Wisniewski (@polkapat), and Brian Drake (@drakefantasy). Give them a follow them on Twitter and enjoy the Week 15 Roundtable!

Sleeper of the Week

Polka’s Pick - Doug Martin, RB, Oakland Raiders. The Bengals putrid defense is coughing up 148 YPG to opposing RB’s this season, and even the walking fossil, Doug Martin can even put together a decent game as the Bungals will most likely be playing catch up all day long while the Raiders stuff t down their throat in a clock control maneuver.

Drake’s Pick  - Nick Foles!!!!   The Super Bowl 52 MVP is back baby!  Now he stunk it up in weeks 1 and 2 but who can remember that far ago?  I've been drinking 10% ABV double IPA's so to me the Super Bowl just happened yesterday.  Good ol' St. Nick will run RPO's until you get sick of Cris Collinsworth talking about them.  Literally you might need to watch this one on mute.  Foles will take advantage of a Rams defense who simply isn't as good as the names on the backs of the jerseys.  Sure the Birds may lose but Foles is going to throw for 250 and 3 TD's.  DFS lineups can be built around Foles with money to spare for studs.

Kacey’s Pick - Ian Thomas, TE, Carolina Panthers. When Greg Olsen went out for the first time this season, Thomas was expected to step into his role and put up decent numbers.  That didn’t exactly happen.  Now that Olsen has been injured again (and out for the season), Thomas has been productive.  Last week he had nine receptions for 77 yards which was good for 16.7 points in PPR leagues.  The tight end position has been volatile this season, but Thomas should thrive in week 15 when he takes on the Saints.  Cam Newton has been targeting him a lot, and the quarterback's shoulder isn’t 100%.  Short passes to Thomas could be the way they go.

Steve’s Pick - Robby Anderson, WR, New York Jets. A lot of people are going to be staying away from Jets players because they have a tough defensive matchup against the Texans and also because, well…the Jets suck. However, over the last two games Houston has given up 13 receptions of 20+ yards and if there is anything that Robby Anderson is good at, it’s the deep ball. It’s a riskier play, but the upside is there for a guy that has seven targets in each of the last two weeks.

Ryan’s Pick - Kenneth Dixon, RB, Baltimore Ravens. He was only given eight carries last week, but he was explosive with them as he gained 59 yards. Dixon is also much more capable of catching the ball out of the backfield than his one catch on one target last week shows. John Harbaugh has already said that his role is going to grow as the season closes out, and Dixon is much more talented than Gus Edwards. In a great matchup against the lowly Bucs defense, I like Dixon a lot this week to surprise some folks.

Bust of the Week

Kacey’s Pick - Kenyon Drake, RB, Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins running back has had pretty decent games as of late, but he has also been inconsistent throughout the season.  If it weren’t for the Miami Miracle last week, his day wouldn’t have looked like anything special.  This week, the Dolphins take on the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota.  I don’t like the matchup, and I think he’s going to have a rough outing.

Drake’s Pick - Nick Foles!!!!  Are you kidding me, you can't play this guy.  In weeks 1 and 2 he threw a combined ONE touchdown.  Unless you are drinking 10% ABV beers you shouldn't be anywhere near Foles or any Eagle this weekend.  The Rams athletic D line and LB's will shut down the RPO's and Foles may only throw for 120 yards.  Please God don't add him or play him in daily.

Polka’s Pick - Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants. By picking him, I’m just saying do not expect another 200 yard performance this week. With no ODB for the secondary to focus on, Barkley will see his box stuffed this weekend by Titans!

Steve’s Pick - T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis Colts. This one comes down to health and the matchup. TY Hilton has been banged up and now is dealing with a new ankle injury that kept him out of practice on Wednesday. That scares me because he’s going up against Byron Jones on the Cowboys who has been one of the top corners in the NFL this season. Dallas has only allowed three WR1 performances all seasons and I fear that Hilton will struggle to get off in Week 15.

Ryan’s Pick - T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis Colts. The shoulder remains a concern, and he is going up against one of the better corners on perhaps the hottest defense this week in Dallas. He blew up in a major way last week against Houston, but I just don’t see a repeat performance. Hilton has long been a boom or bust kind of player, even though he usually has more booms than busts. However, although they allowed three passing touchdowns to Carson Wentz last week, I think Dallas puts a big focus on Hilton and keeps him around 50 receiving yards.

Will Derrick Henry break 100 yards again? 

Drake Says – Um, no. Ya know what screw Derrick Henry.  This guy stinks.  He ran over a Jags team who simply quit last Thursday.  I would rather quit fantasy than put Henry in my lineup.  I can't do it.  I won't do it.  Now granted the Giants defense sucks but I'm not going down that path.  Give me someone, anyone other than Henry this week.

Steve Says – Yes. Derrick Henry will eclipse 100 yards rushing this week and here’s why. Since the Giants traded away Snacks Harrison six weeks ago, they have surrendered 131 rush yards per game and averaged giving up over a rushing touchdown each week. Dion Lewis hasn’t rushed for over 36 yards in each of the last four weeks and this is a game script that shows it could be a close game, indicating that the Titans could heavily on the rushing attack. He won’t get 200+ yards and four scores like last week, but I think 100 yards and touchdown is a definite possibility.

Polka Says – No. Henry is and has been so hit and miss his entire career, I just don’t see him grabbing the bull by the balls and kicking those punks off campus.  The Giants blow, but the ever present Dion Lewis threat back there, and he’s still only projected for 11.11 points in Yahoo Leagues.  He provided gold last week, but I see no rainbows this week from Henry.

Kacey Says - No.  Last week was the only week this has happened all season, and I don’t look for it to happen again.  The Giants, Redskins, and Colts are all on the schedule, and I can see those teams keeping his rushing numbers on the lower side of 100.  Sorry, last week was a fluke.

Ryan Says – NO. I do not think that Derrick Henry will break 100 yards again this week. The Jaguars came into the year with what we thought was going to be a great defense and it has SUCKED! The team is in shambles, and it is obvious that they are looking ahead to the end of the year. They didn’t want to play last week. If they had tried to actually tackle Derrick Henry he probably barely would have had 100 yards. My mother could have tackled him on that 99 yard run and she’s almost 70! The Giants are playing inspired ball of late and I don’t see them just watching Henry go by them. You can possibly use him in your flex, but it’s a risky proposition.

Which Broncos receiver is the best play this week?

Kacey Says – DaeSean Hamilton. DaeSean Hamilton. Courtland Sutton is questionable.  I liked him going into last week, but they relied more on DaeSean Hamilton than Sutton.  I think that will be the case again this week.  Patrick intrigues me, but I’d put my money on Hamilton being the more utilized wideout in Denver.

Polka Says – DaeSean Hamilton. No thanks, nope and no!  I guess if I had to pick one I’d roll with Hamilton this week, Sutton is pulling up lame and I can never trust a guy named Patrick. Hamilton had seven receptions last with 47 yards and a Tater, so he may do something similar versus a leaky Browns secondary that ranks 27th in yards conceded to opposing WR’s.

Drake Says  - DaeSean Hamilton. I love me some DaeSean Hamilton.  If you listen to my podcast (The Tuesday Night Hustle, available on the podcasts tab of this fine website) you'll see we had Matt Waldman on to talk about Courtland Sutton but the kept gushing over Hamilton.  A polished route runner who plays exactly where Keenum loves going with the ball... the slot.  I think he puts up top 20 WR numbers the final 2 games of the season.

Steve Says  - DaeSean Hamlton. I think DaeSean Hamilton is the best play for the Broncos in Week 15. With Courtland Sutton banged up, I think it’s possible Hamilton lead the team in targets this week against the Browns. Tim Patrick didn’t get much play until Sutton got hurt last week, so I would rank them Hamilton, Sutton (if he plays), and then Tim Patrick.

Ryan Says – DaeSean Hamilton. Courtland Sutton disappointed me when Demaryius Thomas was traded, and he flat out pissed me off last week when the team was without Emmanuel Sanders too! I’m going with one of the other guys. I like Patrick a lot as the slot receiver, but I’m gonna go with DaeSean Hamilton for the big play capability. He won’t be guarded by Cleveland’s best corner, and should have the ability to get open down the field. Patrick might have more catches, but I think the better fantasy day will be had by DaeSean Hamilton.

Who is the best RB play this week between Elijah McGuire, Gus Edwards, or Justin Jackson?

Drake Says – Justin Jackson. This is easy it's Justin Jackson.  The KC Chiefs are the WORST team vs the run based on DVOA.  That means they SUCK.  Without Gordon or Ekeler Jackson is going to smash in a contest where the over will be blown out at by the mid 3rd.  He's a lock button DFS pick this week.

Polka Says – Justin Jackson. Justin Jackson is my Charger and my pick of this trash heap, but I have zero issues with any of them.  Chargers just possess the most lethal offense and JJ could do some serious damage versus the Chiefs who will be forcing the Chargers to keep up all game long.

Kacey Says – Justin Jackson. Justin Jackson. I think I like him, even if Melvin Gordon starts.  Yes, it is more ideal to have Jackson on your roster if Gordon sits, but I can see Jackson carving out a role.  Austin Eckler is out, and I don’t see Jackson taking a role like that, but he has his own special way of playing the game.  Jackson didn’t do much in week 14 when up against the Bengals.  In week 13 when up against Pittsburgh, he managed to take the ball in for a score and had 63 yards on eight attempts.  I think his night will be a nice happy medium between the Pittsburgh game and the Cincinnati game.  He takes on the Chiefs this week, and they’re giving up plenty of points to running backs this season.  Jackson would be my start ESPECIALLY if Gordon is out. 

Steve Says - Justin Jackson. I guess I need to preface this one by saying that if Melvin Gordon is active for the Thursday Night game against the Chiefs, I’m going with Gus Edwards. If Gordon doesn’t play, with Austin Ekeler already ruled out, Justin Jackson is the clear play for me. I don’t like McGuire against the Texans, so that leaves me selecting Jackson as my first choice if Gordon is out with the caveat of switching to Edwards if Gordon is active.

Ryan Says - Justin Jackson. I like Elijah McGuire here, but Houston’s defense is still solid. And don’t count me on someone on Gus the Bus. I’d prefer Kenneth Dixon in Baltimore. I’ve watched Jackson, and have been impressed with his burst and energy. He has also shown the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. The Chiefs defense hasn’t exactly been good this year, so give me Jackson to have a big Thursday Night!


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