Week 16 Roundtable

Welcome to the FINAL Fighting Chance Roundtable! Each week we have asked our panel of Fighting Chance Staff a series of questions for the upcoming slate of NFL games. Each person will gave you the best answer to the question in order to help set your lineups each week, both season long and DFS. We will continue our sleeper and bust of the week, but the rest is looking ahead to 2019. This week we have myself (@fightingchance), Steve Rapin (@fantasygeek37), Kacey Kasem (@thekaceykasem), Patrick Wisniewski (@polkapat), and Brian Drake (@drakefantasy). Give them a follow them on Twitter and enjoy the Week 16 Roundtable!

Sleeper of the Week

Kacey Says – Tim Patrick, WR, Denver Broncos. Since Emmanuel Sanders went down with injury, Patrick has been taking advantage of his opportunity to play more.  His last two games show him getting double-digits in each of those contests. Quarterback Case Keenum has been focused on getting the ball in his direction. Patrick has only one touchdown on the season, but he takes on a shoddy Oakland team this week.  I think he will have himself a game on Monday. 

Polka Says – Theo Riddick, RB, Detroit Lions. As the last multi-dimensional RB on the Lions staff, I expect decent results from Riddick Sunday versus the tougher Minnesota defense.  If you’re using him in DFS, it will allow the cash flexibility to spend on better WR, or one of the top tight ends. 

Drake Says – Nelson Agholor, WR, Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles welcomed back Big Dick Nick to the helm and he lead the Champs to a win over the Rams.  With Foles under center the Eagles push the ball down the field more.  Foles has different levels of trust with his receivers.  Obviously Carson Wentz LOVED Zach Ertz.  Well Foles has an affinity for Alshon Jeffery (8 rec 160 yds) but don't sleep on Agholor who will finally get some looks from his QB.  There were a few deep balls his way (one which he and Jeffery were in the same spot) and this week they'll connect on one vs a bottom 10 pass defense.

Steve Says – Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys. This week it appears that there are very few options at the quarterback position that don’t have question marks attached to them. One guy I really like to surprise this week is Dak Prescott against the shaky Tampa defense. The Bucs have surrendered the most passing touchdowns in the NFL this season (24) and their offense is just good enough where opposing teams don’t always choose to get into rush-mode. Dak could make for a very nice DFS option in Week 16.

Ryan Says – Kalen Ballage, RB, Miami Dolphins. Frank Gore is done for the season, and the Dolphins are either resting Kenyan Drake or completely moving away from him as he just four touches last week despite being healthy. Ballage exploded for 123 yards (including a 75 yard touchdown) last week, and should be the featured back this week. Did you see the Jags defense against Derrick Henry a couple weeks ago? Not saying Ballage is Henry, but that comment has to do with the effort I expect Jacksonville to give this week. Expect Ballage to have another big week.

Bust of the Week

Polka Says – James White, RB, New England Patriots. New England should have very little trouble dispatching the cruddy Bills, and in turn that makes Sony Michel the ball hawk running back in this match-up as the Pats go for three yards and a cloud of dust to control the clock, which leave James White’s pass catching abilities on shut-down mode until the playoffs begin. 

Drake Says - Baker Mayfield, QB, Cleveland Browns.  After throwing 4 TD's vs the Bengals earlier this year everyone will expect Mayfield to light up Cincy.  As Lee Corso says, "Not so fast my friend."  I see the Bengals playing with pride and shutting down the top overall draft pick.  Hue Jackson shows SOME sense of pride and actually coaches this week.  Baker falls flat.

Kacey Says –  Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia Eagles. I like Zach Ertz. He's been one of the better tight ends this season (you know how I feel about TEs). With Nick Foles under center last week, he only had three receptions for 22 yards.  He hasn't scored double-digit points in the last two games played.  Alshon Jeffery seems to be Foles’ favorite target (last week he had eight receptions for 160 yards), and I think Jeffrey will steal a handful of targets usually given to Ertz. 

Steve Says – Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have nothing to play for and it shows, as it looks like they haven’t played a serious game of football in months. Leonard Fournette has struggled the last two games and head coach Doug Moron…oops spelled that wrong, Maronne, says he wants to see more of undrafted free agent back, David Williams. I don’t get it but if true, Fournette could struggle mightily, even in a good matchup against the Dolphins.

Ryan Says – Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers. This one might be dead wrong, but I have a hard time thinking that this offense will function with Taylor Heinicke at quarterback. What will stop the Falcons from putting 100% of their defensive focus on CMC? Nothing it appears, and if the whole defense is focused on one guy shouldn’t he struggle in theory? Not sure, but it seems to make sense.

#1 Fantasy Quarterback in 2019

Steve’s Pick – Patrick Mahomes. It’s quite amazing what Patrick Mahomes has done this year. He’s the QB1 in fantasy and scored more than 60 more fantasy points more than the number two quarterback. Just to give you an idea of how impressive that is, he has averaged 26.5 fantasy points per week. The number two through ten options are all in between 21.9 and 19.5 points per week. He’s separated himself from the pack that much and even if we expect a regression, Mahomes should be your top quarterback in 2019.

Drake’s Pick – Patrick Mahomes. There isn't a correct answer unless it's Patrick Mahomes.  His 45 TD's are mind boggling.  His 4543 passing yards are tantalizing.  He has weapons, an offensive minded coach, and a cannon for an arm.  The sky is the limit for the former Texas Tech star.  Nobody will have a QB rated over him next summer. 

Kacey’s Pick – Matt Ryan. He has been extremely good this season, even if it comes as a surprise to you.  He is the number two quarterback in fantasy this year (behind Patrick Mahomes). Ryan has been pretty consistent throughout the season. He's one of those guys you'll be able to grab later in your draft, but he'll do wonders for your fantasy team. 

Polka’s Pick – Desean Watson. The NFL figures stuff out really fast and the popular pick here is probably Patrick Mahomes, but by the beginning of next season, he’ll have serious clamps on his wings.  Watson is also from the same QB class has many weapons at his disposal for next year.  I would gladly field either over the 35 years and older QB corps. 

Ryan’s Pick – Patrick Mahomes. I really don’t want this to be the answer but it is. I’ve had enough of the Mahomes lovefest this year. I want the answer to be Jared Goff, but alas he won’t be the number one quarterback. Mahomes has a great offense with solid weapons, and while I won’t expect him to throw 50 touchdowns again, he should be the consensus number one quarterback next draft season.

#1 Fantasy Running Back in 2019

Drake’s Pick – Todd Gurley. It'll be Gurley but Barkley and Elliot will give him a run for his money.  Honestly I'd be happy to land any of those three.  Shit I'll take McCaffery as a consolation prize to them.  If the Cowboys can find another weapon on the outside and even a tight end I really like the damage Zeke can do with even less focus on him.  His ability to catch the ball this year has made him even more valuable (if possible).  If you land a top 4 pick next summer you are ahead of the game.

Kacey’s Pick - Ezekiel Elliott. They play him till the wheels fall off. He's going to dominate in the run game, but he will also continue to do well in the pass game. Hopefully, Dallas gets another offensive coordinator that will help with scoring in the red zone. 

Polka’s Pick - Todd Gurley. Until proven otherwise, Gurley is it, best offense, wide open passing game, and means to control the clock. 

Steve’s Pick – Todd Gurley. I don’t need to say anything about this. The dude is pretty good.

Ryan’s Pick – Todd Gurley. It sucks when a guy you really like is on a team in the same division as your favorite team, but that is my cross to bear with Gurley. The dude is awesome, he is a powerful runner, has good speed, and is a great pass catcher out of the backfield. There’s nothing he can’t do and should be the best runner again. I’m gonna say Saquon Barkley will be number two next season, especially if the Giants do anything about their offensive line.

#1 Fantasy Wide Receiver in 2019

Kacey’s Pick - Tyreek Hill. This guy is fast! He didn't regress this season like a lot of us thought he would. I look for him to have yet another boss season when 2019 rolls around. He's hard to defend, and he's going to make it difficult for defenses yet again. 

Steve’s Pick – Davante Adams. We knew Davante Adams could catch touchdowns, but this year he proved he’s the total package as he’s had career highs in receptions (100) and yards (1,315). Oh, and he has two games left to play. He’s the number one fantasy wide receiver in both standard and PPR leagues and he’s done it with a banged-up Aaron Rodgers. He will only be 26 years old next year and has a lot of great football ahead of him.

Polka’s Pick – DeAndre Hopkins. See QB pick above, Nuk is a pure machine who plays hurt and is part of an exciting next few years in Texas. 

Drake’s Pick – DeAndre Hopkins. He is a stud.  Always a good bet for 1200+ yards and double digit touchdowns he's a monster.  The picture of stability in a game that has almost none.  If the Texans can find a complimentary option on the other side (Maybe it's Demaryius Thomas) then he'll thrive.  He's done elite business with zero help because he demands all the targets.  I'm of the mind less double teams can lead to even more explosive plays.

Ryan’s Pick – DeAndre Hopkins. I’ve long had a love affair with this guy, and it has only grown stronger this season. He is the best and most consistent receiver in the league. Now that he has quality quarterback play there’s a chance that Hopkins can even get better.  

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